The relationship between parents and schools can potentially be strained when it comes to covering ‘taboo’ topics, such as pornography. However, the PSHE Association say that the overwhelming majority of parents will support lessons which help keep their children safe and will accept that it is better for young people to explore these issues in the safety of a classroom with a trained educator.’ 

According to a recent survey,

87 percent of parents want SRE lessons to address pornography, with the overwhelming majority supporting a partnership between schools and parents to deliver that provision. (NAHT 2013)

We believe, along with the PSHE Association, that involving parents and carers in the development and review of SRE is essential. We, therefore, can provide your school with a letter to send out to parents which includes an example lesson plan and attempts to answer some of the concerns that they may have.

As part of our attempt to engage parents in SRE, we also run a parent workshop called the ‘PG Workshop.’ This 2 hour workshop enables parents and carers to become informed on the issues surrounding pornography and also equips them with practical advice on how to manage explicit content in the home as well as how to have open and honest discussions with their children.